Dienstag, 20. November 2012

Thanksgiving breake <3
We paased 5 States on the way from Georgia to Missouri.
Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois and Missouri.
We had a fantastic road trip. One highlight was the running cows on the Autobahn.
It was soo funny when they tried to catch the cows.
On our real first day here, we went out and eat at Lumberts. They throw Rolls and give you free food.
It was so much fun to catch them. I just ate 3 Rolls and that was all.
I got a T-Shirt too.
I´m so excited for Thursday.

Sonntag, 11. November 2012

Here are the pictures :)

I´m Home :)
It was a long weekend but I loved every second.
On friday night was Football. Our Raiders did very well. We won that means we are in the play offs. <3
On Saturday morning me, some other exchange students lef to Jacksonville. We went shopping the whole day and found some awesome Shops. We ate 3 times at a frozen yoghurt place and got cupons after the second time.
Today we went to the beach and to the river.
I was awesome.
On the way back we played punch buck <3 It was so much fun.

Freitag, 19. Oktober 2012

ich wollte einfach mal sagen ICH LIEBE AMERIKA :)
Ich bin hier so glücklich.
Ein Austauschjahr zu machen war die beste Entscheidung die ich je treffen konnte!
Es ist vielleicht nicht alles perfekt hier.
Trotz des tollen Jahres lernt man dann doch die Alltäglichen dinge von zu Hause zu schätzen.
Einfach so was wie zusammen zu Essen und an den Wochenenden zusammen zu frühstücken.

Freitag, 5. Oktober 2012

Now one week with so much fun is over. We had so pretty costumes this week. It was awesome.
Yesterday was the big Homecoming parade. It was amazing. I loved it. We worked hard on the Senior float. The Float was really good. Thats what the judges thought too because we WON :)
I was the LC Football player on the float and I can tell you Football clothes are not that comfortalbe if they are to small :D
Anyways today is the Homecoming Football game. I´m so excited to see the Homecoming court and see who wins.
Tomorrow is our dance. But we have a lot of things to do before we can go there. Like buying shoes for Maria or getting my Nails done.
Hope it will be a wonderful weekend :)

Montag, 1. Oktober 2012

Heute war der 1. Tag von einer Woche voller fun.
Denn es ist Homecoming week. Es ist so much fun.
Freue mich schon auf die anderen Tage :)
Tomorrow is opposide day :)

Donnerstag, 27. September 2012

next week is Homecoming and I´m so excited.
Our themes for the week are:
Black out
Rock out
Crazy Black-White and Red
And on Saturday is the dance. I´ve got an dress already. I really like it.
Today I´ve got my first haircut in teh US. :)
I´ve got a really good time in here. I LOVE it here and I will say thanky you to everyone who makes this year possible for me.
I´m sooo happy.